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by Bea

Tutorial translated with the permission of the author
Original here

Material: here


Plugins: here
Mura's Seamless
Mura's Meister
Flaming Pear/Flexify 2
Eye Candy 5:Impact
DSB Flux

*Duplicate(shift+D) the alpha channel file and close the original
*Duplicate the tube and close the original
*Use the blend mode according to their colors
*If you find any errors inthe tutorial,please let me know:e-mail


1. Open the file Alpha Channel 
Duplicate(shif+D) - close the original
Fill the copy with the color:#885dff

2. New Raster Layer
Selections - Load Selection from Alpha channel  - Selection 1 

Put the color #c0ffc0 in the Foreground and the color #ffc0ff in the Background.
Prepare a Linear gradiente and fill the image with this gradient.

Select None
Plugin Mura's Seamless - Mirror Diagonal: 216

3. Plugin DSB Flux - Blast

Repeat this step 3 times, changing to Right, Upwards e Downwards each time.
Layers - duplicate
Merge Down

4. Plugin FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss - Default
Drop Shadow: 1/1/100/2- preto

5. New Raster Layer
Selections - Load selection from Alpha Channel - Selection 2

Put the color #885dff in the Foreground and #ffc0ff in the Background and create a linear Gradient and fill the selection

Select none
Plugin Eye Candy 5:Impact - Motion Trail - Right at you

6. Layers - duplicate
Image - Free Rotate

Effects - Image Effects - Offset

Merge Down
Layers - Duplicate

7. Image - Mirror
Image - Flip
Merge down
Drop Shadow - 0/0/70/50 - cor #140642

8 New Raster Layer
Selections - Load selection from alpha channel - Selection 2

Fill with the color # 33216a
Selections - Modify - contract: 2px
Press Delete 
Select None

9. Plugin Flaming Pear - Flexify 2

Layers - Duplicate
Image - Flip
Image - Mirror
Merge down
Decrease the layer's opacity to 85%

10. New Raster Layer
Selections - Load selection from Alpha Channel - Selection 1

Fill with the color #33216a
Select None

11. Plugin Mura's Meister - Perspective Tiling

Blend Mode: Overlay

12. Image - add borders - 2px - #33216a
Layers - Duplicate

13. Image - Resize 95% All layers unchecked
Drop shadow:0/0/100/20 preto

14. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer  the tube SvB(817) Beauty
Image - Resize 90% - All layers unchecked
Place as model

15. Add your signature
Save as JPEG

Thank you for making my translations.
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