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CARICIAS - in english

by Bea

Tutorial translated with the permission of the author
Original Here

Material Here

Principal: Ana Ridzi
Paysage: Guismo

Plugins: Here

* Save the selection in the selections folder of your PSP
*Open the mask in PSPand minimize
* Open the tubes, duplicate (shift + D) and close the original


1. Open a new iamge with 800x600px

2. Put the color #ef9c93 in the foreground and the color #6f2933 in the Background
Fill the image with a gradiente formed by above colors. See the print

3. Plugin Kiwi - Zig-zack

4. Effects - image Effects - Seamless tiling

5. Plugin Kiwi - Guck mal

6. Plugin Deformation - Cisaillement
Move the node as print

7. Layers - duplicate
Image - Mirror original
Decrease the layer's opacity to 50%
Merge Visible

8. Effects - Distortion Effects - Lens Distortion

9. Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance
Layers - Duplicate
Image - Flip original

10. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer the tube AR390
Image - Mirror
Image - Resize 70% - 2 times - All layers unchecked

11. Layers New Mask Layer - From image - Mask 20-20
Merge group
Effects - Image effects - Offset

12. Layers - duplicate
Merge Down

13. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer the image calguismitedsscery27109
Effects - Image Effects - offset

14. Layers - Arrange - Move down

Your layers will be like this:

15. Click on Bottom layer (copy of merged)
Selections - Load selection from disk - Selection Sel-caricias-Bea

16. Press the Delete key on you keyboard
Do the same in landscape and woman layer
Select none

17. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer the texto-caricias-bea
Optional: You can colorize the text to match the colors you are using
Effects - Image Effects - offset

18. Layers - Merge - Merge visible

19. Image - Add borders - 25 px - cor #6f2933
Select this borders with Magic Wand
Layers New Raster Layer
Edit/Paste into selection the image copied on setep 18
Decrease the layer's opacity to 50

20.Selections - Invert
Drop Shadow - cor #6f2933

Repeat the Drop Shadow with  V and H negatives

21. Image - Add borders - 2px - cor 6f2933
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Save as JPEG

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