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by  Bea

Tutorial translated with the permissiona of the author
Original aqui


Narah mask

*Open the files into PSP and duplicate(shift+D) and close the originals
*Save the selections in the PSP selections folder
*You can change the Blend Mode of the colors according to use
*If you find any errors in the tutorial,please, let me know: e-mail


1. Open a new image with:850x600px
Fill with the gradient formed with the colors:#3d3c18 e #d5bd87

2. Plugin L en K's  - Zitah

3. Layers - duplicate

4. Layers - New Mask layer - From Image - mask: Narah_Mask-0282

Merge Group

5. Drop shadow: 2/2/100/2 - cor #1e1d02

Repeat the Drop Shadow com V e H negativos
Blend Mode: overlay

6. New Raster Layer
Selections - Load selection from disk - Selection Narah_sel_Mony

7.  Fill with the same gradient, but , with marked invert 
8. Copy and Paste into selection the paysage fondo_tubeMane

9. Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance

10. Drop shadow

11. New Raster Layer
Selections - Modify - Select selection borders: Inside/10
Fill with the color #361004
Select None

12. Effects - Distortion Effects - Ripple

13. Drop shadow - cor#800000

14. New Raster Layer
Selections - Load selection from disk - Selection Narah_sel_inblack2
Fill with the color #361004

15. Drop shadow

Select None

16. With the Pick Tool, take the image until equal to the edges as print

17. Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance
Effects - image Effects - offset: Horizontal: -32  Vertical: 0

18. Copy and paste as new layer the tube Beauty_African_Portrait_Cibi_Bijoux
Image - Mirror
Position as desired
Layers - Arrange - Move down

19. Image - Add borders - 25px - cor #361004

20. Select the border with Magic Wand
Effects - Art Media Effects - Brush Strokes

21. Effects - user Defined Filter - Emboss 3
Select None

22. Image - Resize: 800x600px
Merge all
Add your signature
Save as JPEG

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    1. Miradas komt van het werkwoord mirar, wat betekent observeren. Ik heb je vraag niet helemaal begrepen. Maar dat is wat Miradas betekent. Thank you

  2. miraris inderdaad obseveren.zou het ook spiegelen kunnen betenen mirrar del mundo


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