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by Bea

Tutorial  translated with permission of the author
Original here



Plugins: here
Eye Candy 5:impact
Eye Candy 4000
Nik Color EfexPro

*Save the selections in PSP Selections Folder
*Duplicate(shift+D) the alpha channel and close the original
*Duplicate the tubes
*If you find any errors in the tutorial, please let me know: e-mail


1. Open a new image with 900x650px
Fill with the color #6f7377

2. New Raster Layer
Wih the Airbrush Tool make stains to taste with the colors 3dde9ed and #769aa8

3. New Raster Layer
Selections - Load selection from disk - Selection Sel-Graf-1-Bea

Fill with the Golden Pattern
Select None
Layers - duplicate
Plugin Eye Candy 5: Impact - Extrude

In the other layer use the same effect changing the colors

Ficará assim:

10. Repeat the step 9 with each of the selections(they are 4), changing the colors and Direction of the Extrude effects to the taste

11. When the 4 drawings are ready, click on the top of each one with the Erase tool and delete parts to see the color of the drawing below, making it more colorful.

Take the visibility of layers 1 and 2 by clicking on the eye
Layers - Visible Merge
Return to the visibility of layers 1 and 2 by clicking on the eye

12. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer the tube Ventana_Bea
Effects - image Effects - offset

13. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer the image Sombras_Bea

14. Click on Raster 1
New Raster Layer
With the Airbrush Tool paint the green spot with the color #238382, leaving the other layers visible to guide

14. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer the texto_Bea

15. Take the visibility out of Raster 3(ventana)
Layers - merge - merge visible
Activate the Selection Tool - custom selection:

Drop shadow:

Select None

16. Effects - Texture effects - Texture - Concrette

Effects - Texture Effects - Bricks

17. Plugin Nik Color Efex Pro - Sunshine (optional according to the colors used)

18. Activate the Selection Tool - Custom Selection

Edit/Copy and Paste into selection the tube Vereda_Bea

19. New Raster Layer
Fill with the pattern Grama
Select None
Plugin Eye Candy 4000 - Jiggle

Selections -Load selection from disk - Seletion Selec-Graf-vereda
Press the Delete Key
Drop shadow

20. Put all layers visible
Image - Add borders - 4px - cor #dfe6ba
Image - Add borders - 30px - cor #000000

21. Add your signature
Save as JPEG


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