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Soxikibem - Like Yesterday

Credits This tutorial is from Soxikibem and was translated with
your permission
Original HERE

Tube by Adrimar - Paisagem Misted by Isa - Mini scrap by Elise - Mask by Narah
Material You need:1 Tube Character (not supplied)
1 Misted Landscape (not supplied)
1 Font (for text)

Download - Here
Plugins Xero

Blog's Plugins  HERE
E-mail HERE

Send us your versions or let me know if you have any problems
with the tutorial or material
Versions HERE
Groups Facebook / Google
Preparation Open the masks on PSP and minimize


Click on the prints for a better view.
Remember to save work as it runs
Change Blend Mode, Opacity, and Drop Shadow to Your Images
Pick Tool replaces Deform tool from older versions of PSP

If you have a version of PSP earlier than PSP X9, work with material marked with the letter "B" in the title.


Color Chart:

1- #6271eb
2- #e2e6ff

01. Open the landscape misted tube, duplicate and close the original.

02. Remove two colors, here I used color # 6271eb for foreground and # e2e6ff for background.

03. Open a transparency of 900x450px and fill with the foreground color.

04. Add a new layer

05. Fill the layer with the background color.

06. Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image / Mask (Narah_mask_0816)

07. Merge Group.

08. Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen.

09 Add a new layer

10. Activate the Selection / Custom Selection tool:

11. Fill this selection with the foreground color.

12. Copy and paste in your selection your misted landscape tube

13. Effects / Plugins / Xero / Porcelain / Default

14. Select None.

15. Drop Shadow: 0, 0, 100, 50 Black

16. Add a new layer

17. Activate the Selection Tool / Custom Selection

18. Fill the selection with white color.

19. Layers / Properties / Blend Mode: soft light

20. Select None.

21. Add a new layer.

22. Activate the Selection Tool / Custom Selection

23. Fill selection with foreground color

24. Select None.

25. Image / Free Rotate: left: 45

26. Layers / Duplicate

27. Image / Mirror / Mirror Vertical

28. Merge Down.

29. Effects / Distortion Effects / Wind: Left / 80

30. Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance - apply twice.

31. Add a new layer

32. Fill the layer with white color

33. Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image / Mask (Mask 08_CB_2017)

34. Merge group.

35. Copy and paste as your new layer your tube character

35. Position as you prefer

36. Use decorative tubes as you prefer

37. Make any adjustments you deem necessary (Opacity, Blend Mode, Drop shadow, Resize)

38. Use a font of your choice and type the text: Like Yesterday

39. Copy and paste as new layer

40. Position as you wish

41. Put your signature

42. Image / Add borders / 1px / black

43. Save: File> Export> JPEG Optimizer

Thank you for doing my translations.

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