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TENTACION (in english)

by Bea

This translation has the permission of the author. Thank you Bea
Original Tutorial here

PLUGINS - here
Unlimited - Photo Aging Kit - Foto Frame - Mura's Meister - FM Tile Tool

Mina@.4091.mist.paesaggio.06.16 (pspimage)
Grisi_Woman_914 (pspimage)

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1. Open a new image of 900x600px
Fill with color #a17691
Selections - Select all

2. Open the misted Min@.4091
Delete the watermark
Edit/Copy and Paste into selection
Select none

3. Effects - Image Effects -Seamless Tiling - Default

4. Effects - Geometric Effects - Perspective Vertical

5. Effects - Geometric Effects - Perspective Vertical

6. Effects - Geometric Effects - Perspective Vertical

7. Effects - distortion Effects - Warp

8. Image - Mirror
Effects - distortion Effects - Warp - Same configuration step 7

9. Effects - image effects - offset

10. Layers - duplicate
Image - Mirror
Effects - Image Effects - Offset - same configuration step 9

11. Layers - Merge - Merge Visible 
Image - Flip
Select the center of image with the magic wand
Selections - Modify - Expand - 3px

12. Layers - New Raster Layer
Layers - Arrange - Move Down
Edit/Copy and Paste into selection, the tube Misted Min@.4091 (landscape)
Select none
Note: In this case, since the design is so wide, select the most important part to copy, so that the image is not deformed

13. Click on the Top Layer
Drop shadow:

Layers - Merge - Merge visible

14. Image - Canvas Size

15. Layers - New Raster Layer
Fill with gradiente created with colors #a17691 and #706e6f

Layers - Arrange - Move down

16. Plugin Unlimited - Photo Aging Kit.db - Cracked Paper

17. Plugin FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss

18. Layers - new raster layer
Fill with gradiente created with colors #a17691 and #706e6f

19. Plugin Mura's Meister - Perspective tiling

20. Plugin Unlimited - Photo Aging Kit - Dirt & dust

Layers - Arrange - Bring to top

21. Select with the magic wand the transparent part of  this layer
Delete key several times to blur the edge

22. Drop shadow

23. Open the tube Grisi_Woman_914
Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer
Image - Resize 60% - All layers unchecked

24. Image - Mirror
Place as model
Layers - merge - Merge visible

25. plugin AAA Frames - Foto Frame

26. Repeat the Foto Frame, but changing width to 10

27. Add your signature
Save: File - Export - JPEG Optimizer

I hope you enjoyed.
Thank you for doing my translations

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