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LINEAS Y ESTILO in english

by Bea

This translation has the permission of the author. Thank you Bea
Original Tutorial - here

PLUGINS - here
Mura's Meister  - L em K's - Graphic Pluss - Flaming Pear - Eye Candy 5 Impact

Mask nminas_masks_76
Marca de agua

* Open the color palette on the PSP and capture the colors with the dropper tool
* Adjust blend mode and layer opacity according to your images

* If you have any difficulties performing this tutorial, please contact me: E-mail
* When doing one of the tutorials of my blog, I would appreciate it if you put a link to the tutorial.
* Send me your version and I will be happy to put it in my gallery
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1. Open a new image of 900x600px

2. Place the color #920552 in the Foreground and the color #000000 in the background
Create a gradiente Sunburst and fill the layer

Layers - Duplicate

3. Plugin Mura's Meister - Copies

Layers - Merge - merge down

4. Effects - Image Effects - seamless tiling - default
Effects - User Defined filter - emboss 3

5. Layers - duplicate
Plugin Mura's meister - Perspective tiling

6. Click on Raster 1
Plugin L em K's - Zitah

7. Layers - new raster layer
Fill with color #000000

8. Layers - New Mask layer - From Image - nminas_masks_76

Layers - Merge - Merge Group

9. Plugin flaming Pear - flexify 2

10. Image - Mirror - mirror vertical
Lower the opacity to 58

11. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer the tube deco1-lye-bea
Effects - image effects - offset

12. Effects - Texture effects - Mosaic antique

13. Layers - Duplicate
Image - Mirror - mirror horizontal

14. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer the tube Deco2-lye-bea
Effects - image effects - Offset

15. Plugin Eye Candy 5: impact - Glass
Em Setting: clear
Em Basic:

16. Edit/Copy and Paste as new layer the tube Grisi-_woman_859
Image - Resize 80% - All layers unchecked

17. Plugin Eye Candy 5 Impact - Perspective Shadow
Em Settings: selecione Reflect in Front - Faint

Em Basic:

18. Drop Shadow: 0/0/100/20 - color: #000000

19. Repeat the same Drop Shadow in the Mask layer (optional, depending on the colors used)

20. Image - Add borders - 2px - cor #000000
Selections - Select all
Image - add borders - 20px - color #920552

21. Selections - Invert
Plugin Graphic Plus - Cross shadow

Select None

22. Image - Add borders - 2px - color #000000

23. Add watermark
Save: File - Export - JPEG Optimizer.

I hope you enjoyed.
Thank you for doing my translations

Other models:
Tube: BeaSol

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