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LLEGA LA NAVIDAD - in english

This tutorial belongs to Bea. Original  here
Translation have the permission of the author. Thanks Bea

PLUGINS -  here



* Open the color palette in PSP and capture the colors with the dropper tool
* Set the blend mode and opacity of layers according to your pictures

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1. Open an image with 900x600px

2. Activate the Selection tool - custom selection

3. Fill the selection with color # 1b3b5d

4. Add a new layer

5. Fill with color # a7e2e8

6. Add a new layer
7. Fill with color # 92b1c3
8. Select none
9. Layers palette - activate Raster 1
10. Effects - image effects - offset

11. Layers palette - activate Raster 2

12. Effects - image effects - offset

13. Layers - merge - merge visible

14. Effects - user Definef Filter - Emboss 8

15. Effects - distortion Effects - warp

16. Image - Mirror

17. Effects -image effects - offset

18. With the Magic Wand select the left part, transparent

19. Selections - Modify - Expand 3px

20. Add a new layer

21. Fill the layer with linear gradient formed with the colors # 1b3b5d and #92b1c3

22. Select none

23. Layers - Arrange - Move down

24. Plugin DSB Flux - Bright Noise

25. Layers palette - remains in the same layer

26. With the Magic Wand select the transparent part

27. Fill in the Sunburst gradient using the same colors that are in the materials palette:

28. Adjust - blur - Gaussian Blur: 10

29. Select none

30. Open the file navidade227_beas_misted

31. Copy and paste as new layer
32. Position depending on model
33. Layers palette: activate the top layer (merged)
34. Drop Shadow: 0/0/100/30 - Black
35. Layers - merge - merge visible
36. Layers Palette - click on the eye to close the layer
37. Add a new layer
38. Fill with the gradient of item 21

39. Effects - Geometric Effects - circle

40. Image - Resize 25% - all layers unchecked

41. Plugin Eye Candy 5: Impact - Glass - Default. Change the color to one used in his work:

(At this point, I suggest you to duplicate the image (Shift + D) and minimize for later use. Do this 3 times, as it will prepare four balls.)

42. Add a new layer

43. Turn on the Air Brush tool - Select one of four brushes that you saved (or tip_nik_cdesign178 179) - put in Size, the size you see fit. I used 140.
44. Apply with Air Brush in your image using the silver pattern (you can use another pattern or texture, or gradient, or only one color, is up to you)
45. Open the file deco-navidad
46. ​​Copy and paste as a new layer (the file has two options: A golden and one silver Choose according to what is going to use the pattern of balls Click the layer and copy)
47. Image - Resize according to the size of the sphere, to be proportional - all layers unchecked
48. Layers palette - Activate the top layer
49. Layers - merge - merge down (joined stream to the sphere)
50. Maximize one of the duplicate images that has been minimized and do likewise, item 42 to 49. Do the same thing in the other two.
51. After preparing these three other spheres, each copy and paste the first image by placing the beads as the model.
52. Layers - merge - merge visible
53. Plugin Eye Candy 5: Impact - Perspective Shadow
Setting: Select Floating, Low
Basic: as print. Place the color # 1b3b5d

54. Layers palette - Click on the eye of the bottom layer to open the Layer
55. Image - Add borders - symmetric marked

2px - Color # 193c5c

7px - Color # d7e1ea

1px - Color # 193c5c
25px - Color # d7e1ea
1px - Color # 193c5c
56. Add a new layer - put your signature
57. Export the JPEG Optimizer.

I hope you enjoyed.
Thank you for making my translations.


Nena Silva

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